Faculty Development Program

Corporate Etiquettes and body language

In this most competitive era most companies invest their time, money and resources for perfecting their corporate brand and image. Employees play a big role in how a corporate brand is delivered and defined inside and outside of the company. Employees represent the corporate brand in every way.

At BGIMS a FDP was conducted on Wednesday, 3rd July 2019. The speaker was Mrs. Sonam Nishandar who has specialized in corporate etiquettes and grooming. She is closely associated with the film industry and has mastered the art of application of cosmetics and dressing.

The faculties prepare students for corporate careers, they must inspire students in terms of grooming and etiquettes, it is therefore very important for the faculties to look presentable always. The theme of the FDP was focused on the fact that well groomed and presentable teachers command more attention from students.

Mrs. Nishandar’s enthused and spirited FDP covered a wide range of topics such as importance of good dressing, hair style, make-up, well groomed nails, fresh breath, body fragrance, footwear and its impact on walking style, good body posture, use of accessories, facial expressions and gestures while taking lecture etc. She emphasized on the point of importance of non-verbal communication because students give signals of their understanding of a topic, their enthusiasm and boredom through many gestures.

As teachers we give the first impression the moment we enter the class room; it is in the basic form of how we look. We need to realize that the way we dress and project ourselves in different ways such as the colours we wear are our initial form of communication. It is of utmost importance that we make good use of our wardrobe colours and personal grooming. Each teacher has a unique style of teaching which he/she can make more pleasant with the ability to visualize the correct mix of color, fabric. The sense of dressing and hairstyling helps in building the image more prominently.

Well groomed faculties help build a consistent professional image of their institution, it syncs with the institute’s vision and mission, it helps in building relationship with all stake holders, it helps in improving the power of negotiations and  it boosts confidence.

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