Magma 2019

The students of Maratha Mandir’s Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management Studies (BGIMS) celebrate their annual intra collegiate event named ‘Magma’ in the month of March.  Magma is an interactive festival with loads of interesting events which fascinates every student of the institute. Magma is a three days unique cultural and sports festival which is filled with fun and frolic. It consists of numerous items such as literary, dance, games, fashion show, music and quizzes etc.

This year Magma was celebrated from 6th March to 8th March. The festival is completely managed, organized and run by the students. Each year, the festival follows a specific theme. The theme for this year was social media madness and acknowledging our defense services – the army, navy and air force.

The event consisted of a fun game named “Self Awareness: Blind Spots” based on Johari Window. Students enjoyed playing this game. It was a big entertainment for them. The game was to understand who you really are, and how you come across to others, but you can’t see… yet everyone else can see. The game was anchored by well-known corporate trainer, actor Mr. Aseem Hattangady.  Post event, students were gushing over each other’s strengths and weaknesses. According to Aseem, Johari is one of the best needs-assessment tools for identifying areas that need improvement in communication and relationship building between individuals from diverse groups or with different personal experiences and views.

The grand finale of Magma was on 8th March, International Women’s day. The students and the staff are committed to gender equality. They bring diverse experience and skills in the class room. Few fashion show themes were based on achievements of successful women from different walks of lives such as Dr. Anandibai Joshi – first woman physician in India, Ahilyabai Holkar – social reformist, Capatin Prem Mathur – first female commercial pilot in India, Justice Anna Chandy – first female High Court Judge in India, Kalpana Chawla – the first Indian woman in space…..

Judges for fashion show and dance competition Mr. Abhishek Pange and Mr. Rajesh Nambiar are well known in the field of advertising and marketing. Abhishek is a good dancer himself, whereas Rajesh has ramp walked few times because of his career in advertising.   Both assessed the students on criteria such as costume, make up, choreography, theme, coordination and expression and execution. The judges enjoyed the show. The students practiced for the dance and fashion show hardly for few days, but the presentations were spectacular.

All women students in the hall cut a huge almond chocolate cake to celebrate the International Women’s Day. We at BGIMS consider happiness and health of students at the top of our priority list.  They thrive in their studies in a safe and comfortable atmosphere at the institute.  Some of the students spoke about what they feel about gender equality and how their generation is all set to transform gender relations, to empower women and girls, and humanity as a whole. Truly, Magma was an all round-fun event.

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