About Us

MMBGIMS - The Institute

BGIMS fosters an environment of academic excellence and over 18 years has gained reputation as a leading management institute offering quality education. Its open and competitive culture enhances the academic, personal and social participation of the students. The process of delivery of knowledge adopts holistic approach rather than just industry-driven perspective. This leads to the creation of more ethical, value driven decision makers.

The Management education is imparted with a perfect blend comprising of :

Practical Result Oriented BGIMS has forever fostered academic excellence. Over the years, it has gained the reputation of being one of the leading management institutes offering quality education to the students. The institute strives for an overall development of the students' character and seeks to broaden their social outlook and perspectives.

Social Responsibility

BGIMS provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social, and recreational aspects of student life through events like Alert Mumbaikar, Thanks giving day, save water day etc.


The ability to communicate and convince is an essential skill for is an essential skill for a senior manager. Working in small groups to prepare and give presentation, sharpens student ability to express ideas clearly and gives valuable experience in defending collective decision.


Faculty conducts special mentoring sessions for students. They also guide students on how to write summer / specialisation project. Faculty also guides students on selection of topic, data analysis, etc.)

Guest Sessions

Every year BGIMS invites Eminent personalities form various Industries and Institutions to talk about some aspects of their career operation and industry experience. These sessions often produce lively discussions and give valuable insights into how you "See things differently from the top


MIMAMSA is a national paper presentation competition where students Think, Explore & Present their ideas.


Our institute organises National Conference where Students (M.Phil and Ph.D), Academicians/ Faculty members, Corporate/ General present their original work/paper relevant to the theme.

Industrial Visit

BGIMS organises industrial visits regularly where students get practical exposure to whatever they have learnt in the classroom. Industrial visits have always enhanced the knowledge base of the students. Students visited manufacturing facilities of Reliance, Siemens, and Saint-Gobain etc.


MAGMA is the annual intra collegiate management festival of BGIMS. Students from all over Mumbai actively participate in various events simulating the business/real life environment. MAGMA is famous for events like Rink football, fashion show etc.

Revision Lectures

BGIMS organises revision lectures after completion of the syllabus for all the subjects and also for university papers. Faculty also conduct revision test after such lectures.