Induction Program “Aarambh 2019”


The objectives of the program is to make the students feel comfortable in their new environment, open them up, set a healthy daily routine, create bonding in the batch as well as between faculty and students, develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the self, people around them, society at large, and nature. The time during the Induction Program is also used to rectify some critical lacunas and sensitize them towards exploring their academic interest and activities, reducing competition and making them work for excellence, build relations between teachers and students and overall personality development. The following major activities under the induction program in which the students would be fully engaged throughout the day for the entire duration of program.



As per the guidelines of MMBGIMS Induction Program was started at 9.30am with presence of total 70 students. All the new entrants were guided by the faculty members at different entry points, to find their respective classroom. As, the floor plans mentioning class location were placed on all notice boards, corridors and other important places of MMBGIMS, also helped the students in locating their classroom.

The students were warmly welcomed by the SEM III Students anchors. Then, the faculties and Director Madam delivered the welcome speech. Students were given the information and prospective of their branch, various facilities and infrastructure available at the Institute by the Head of their department. Then discipline committee members, Liberian Head, Placement Head briefed about their roles & responsibilities and rules & regulations to be followed at the Institute.

The process of personal attention and hand holding is a norm and is followed at every aspect of the MBA life of a student, which has resulted in the students achieving laurels in the profession they have chosen. Below is schedule:


Induction Program “Aarambh 2019”

Sr. No Time Activity
1 9.30 am – 10.30 am Lighting of the Lamp, Maratha Mandir Prayer, Rules & Regulations, Introduction to Library and Placement
2 10.35am – 11.30 am Presentation of Evaluation of Seed Competition
3 11.30 am – 12.15pm Lunch Break
4 12.30 pm-3.30pm  Requisites required for Personal and Professional excellence- Dr. Suhas Rao
5 3.45pm- 4.30pm Prize distribution ceremony

Later that, Presentation of Evaluation Seed Competition started. Dr. Govind Shinde and Ms. Alpana Chakravarty were judges of that event. This competition creates a highly supportive environment for among students, with a network of caring adults. It provides students with a wide array of services, ranging from academic support to emotional support and relationship-building activities. Panel also asked questions related social and management aspects so that they learned maximum management lesson through such activities. Through they also learned a small physical activity can save our mother earth. Every group has chosen one skill related to their activity which shows their creative side.

Institute had organized lunch for all new entrants, faculties and administrative staff. Post lunch a guest speaker session was conducted. For this Ms. Amruta Doshi has formally invited Dr. Suhas Rao. He is an academician and consultant. He is a Doctorate in Marketing, an alumnus of IIT Bombay & IIM Lucknow with professional qualifications in HR, Training & Development, Higher Education, Marketing, Tourism and Retail; Hospitality & Food Technology.He has conducted session on Requisites required for Personal and Professional excellence at work place. He delivered his session with good insides and humors No wonder, his engagement with the excited students was thrilling and power-packed. Through jokes, experience sharing and activities, he could hold the students spellbound and deeply involved. He has taken few classroom activities, give corporate messages and live examples of successful entrepreneurs. Which was followed by loud applause and agreement by all people in the room!

Later, Prize distribution was done for SEM I and SEM III students. Prizes given for “Poster Making Competition, Seed Evalution Competition, Bhel Making Competition”.  Winners rewarded with MMBGIMS medals and runner up team/individual rewarded with chocolates.

Overall entire day’s event made the students understood the importance of the subjects they have in the first year, along with this they understood the assessment schemes for all the subjects.

This activity was planned by Dr. Chitra Gounder and executed by the faculties of the respective institute and supporting staff from the Institute.


MMBGIMS department extended heartfelt gratitude to the Chairman Shri. Rajendra Pratap Gawde, Honorable Secretary Ms. Sonam Nishandar and all members of the MMBGIMS Trustees for their support. Faculty and staff across departments extended whole hearted support during the induction program. The program was a success because of their active participation. The MMBGIMS department thanks all faculty, staff and student volunteers who have helped to make this event successful.

Ms.Amruta Doshi

Head of Cultural Event Association

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