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For Recruiter

  • Suitable date for the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) is decided after discussions between the company/organisation and the Corporate Relations and Placement Cell.
  • The Training and Placement Cell allots a date to the company based on the parameters:
    • Job profile and growth prospects.
    • The package being offered by the company.
    • Past record of recruitment at MMBGIMS.
    • Feedback from the students regarding the company.
  • The company will be provided a slot and a schedule to conduct their recruitment process. To avoid complications and clashes the finalised slot and schedule should be strictly adhered to.
  • After confirmation from the company/organisation, students are notified of the PPT date.
  • The company/organisation may also, if interested, conduct selection for summer internship of the pre final year students on the same day.
  • Students interested in the company/organisation register their names with Corporate Relations and Placement team.
  • Resumes of the interested students (if required) are made available to the company/organisation for the purpose of short listing.
  • The list of short listed students is mailed to the Corporate Relations and Placement Team prior to the campus visit.
  • The company will be allotted only one day to complete its recruitment procedure.
  • Final Results has to be declared as soon as possible after completion of the Procedure and before the company departs from the campus.
  • In case of any discrepancy, the decision of Chairperson Corporate Relations and Placement will be final.

For Students

  • Aim:The Aim of the Corporate Relations & Placement Team is to assist students to get placements. The role of the Team is of a facilitator and counselor for placement related activities.
  • Eligibility:The students of final and pre final year of the respective academic year are eligible for summer internship and executive placement assistance.
  • For Executive Placement & Summer internship
    • All students should submit their updated CV in soft as well as hard copy format as and when required.
    • The students should maintain punctuality for all placement events.
    • Active participation is compulsory in any instruction, training or information sessions provided by the placement cell.
    • Inform the placement cell immediately of any incident or concern regarding their safety and well being during the placement.
    • Adhere to policies of the placement cell including registration, dress codes, etc.
    • If in case the student is placed by his/her own reference should inform the same to placement cell immediately.
    • The format of the CV should be the same as provided by the placement cell. CV submitted in any other format will be rejected.
    • Students in placement committee should not remain absent from any of the academic sessions.
    • If a student in placement committee is contacted by any company, he/she should immediately inform the placement cell.
    • Every student having work experience must submit their experience certificates along with their updated CV.
    • A student can register for as many companies he/she is interested but will be sent for maximum three company interviews.
    • A student is out of the placement process after attending three interviews
    • Once registered, it is mandatory for him/her to attend interview.
    • Any student who fails to attend the interview will be debarred from further placement process.
    • Any student unable to attend the interview should inform, minimum two days prior to interview so that another student can be sent for the interview.
    • If a student gets offer from more than one company, then he/she must inform placement cell about the job offer he/she wishes to accept so that the further communication can take place and the offer is not wasted.
    • Once a student accepts the offer letter of the company, he/she is not eligible to register further for any other campus interview.
    • After being placed, a copy of appointment letter should be submitted by final placed students to placement cell.
    • Summer internship should be of 2 month which start from 2nd May and ending on 30th June.
    • Summer internship students should submit their offer letter, immediately when he/she gets offer from the company.
    • Experience letter should be submitted within one week of their completion of summer internship.
    • Summer internship project must be submitted to institute in specific format for university assessment.
    • The corporate relations & placement team does not guarantee a job. Applying for a company or joining a company is entirely the responsibility/decision of the student concerned.
    • Student must keep their Identity card with them at the time of PPT/Test/Group Discussion/Interview and produce the same when demanded by the visiting team or corporate relations & placement team.
    • Each student will be assigned a total of 10 points at the time of registration with Corporate Relations and Placement Team. Points will be deducted from his record for misconduct as per the following rules. Losing all the 10 points or more will lead to deregistration. Re-registration may be done at the discretion of Professor in charge.
    • Opting out of the selection process of a company at any stage after applying may lead to deduction of minimum of 5 points and maximum of 10 points. For e.g. 6 points for missing test, 7 for missing GD, 10 for missing interview etc.
    • Any sort of misbehaviour on the part of students which affects the decorum of the PPT or the selection process or the reputation attracts a minimum penalty of 5 points. The fine may be increased at the discretion of the Professor in charge as per the severity of the situation. e.g.- Asking inappropriate questions during PPT or Interview.
    • Cheating in all forms or marking proxies during the selection process is strictly prohibited and those caught indulging in such activities would lose all their points and debarred from the placement process. Also note that no concessions in any form shall be provided in such case.
  • Dress Code(Girls): Formally dressed, blazer compulsory (Trouser/Skirts),Hair neatly pinned up, Formal Shoes, Formal Accessories
  • Dress Code(Boys): Formally dressed, blazer compulsory, Hair neatly combed, Shoes polished and wear socks,Clean shaved.

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