The massive IT Company Infosys was started with just Rs. 10,000! The man who started KFC, Colonel Sanders started it with just $87. Apple, Amazon and Google started in a garage. The reality is that to own a business, one does not need big amount of money. All that is needed is, a workable idea, a purpose and a clear vision to pursue your passion. If one fears failure, doesn’t know how to pitch, or lacks exposure we will hold you. We will support you to achieve your dream. The aim of our entrepreneurship cell is to nurture and nourish the entrepreneurial ideas of the students. Your success is our aim. The purpose of the e-cell is to help the development of nation’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling uncomplicated and efficient interface among its students and the world outside. The faculty members help in identifying market opportunities, screening ideas and developing feasible business models. The cell helps by bringing in contacts with financial institutions, venture capitalists, angel investors. We also provide support in preparing the legal framework, preparing financial estimates and financial statements and in preparing a business plan. We have a strong team of lawyers, chartered accountants, mentors, counselors to help shape your ideas.

To conclude, the rationale of our entrepreneurship cell is: to promote entrepreneurial flair in students, to inculcate entrepreneurial attitude and entrepreneurial skills in our students and to provide them with a platform which gives them number of innovative opportunities to develop the entrepreneur in them.

If you are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, are on the way preparing to strengthen your ideas and are looking to make your endeavour big, come join our MMS program!