The world around us is witnessing rapid development in technology and communication, which are impacting changes in educational systems across the globe as ideas, values and knowledge vital to education, cross nation-states and boundaries. In order to be future ready, the challenge for management education in India is to reform, create and develop systems that prepare the individual to work in a seamless economy and live in a global society. Therefore, in our view, the objective is to benchmark with the “Best in Class”. BGIMS is a national institute set in an international mould. This is reflected in its cutting edge training given to students, accomplished faculty, a vibrant academic body which is diverse in its academic background as well as national character, and alumni spread all around the globe in leadership roles both in academia and industry. Our institute goes through one of the toughest post-graduation programs in management which emphasize on soft and hard skills, which equip them to tackle the real-life situations. The institute is committed to the process of globalization by maintaining appropriate international linkages and exchange programs and is likely to be enhanced in the ensuing years. Our Institute is proud to play an active role in the creation and nurturing of future administrators of this country and maintains a symbiotic relationship with the industry and this year we would like to take this opportunity to reinforce it even further.

Your Journey of Success Begins here… I welcome you to BGIMS.

Shri. Rajendra Pratap Gawde
Chairman- Managing Committee, BGIMS