The Institute has a structured process for summer internship as well as Executive Placement. A large number of well – known and renowned organizations visit our campus. Last year, more than 130 companies showed interest in our students. There is a dedicated Corporate Relations & Placement Team consisting of student’s placement committee along with faculty member. The Chairperson Placement, makes sure that the placement related activities are carried out efficiently.

The batch which is available for placement has students from all parts of India and with varied backgrounds and a fair mix of genders. Students available for placement have been taken through a very rigorous but practical programme and are ready to contribute to the corporate world. Students of this course are evaluated on a continuous basis and through mid-term and end-term examinations.

MM BGIMS has forever fostered academic excellence. Over the years, it has gained the reputation of being one of the leading management institutes offering quality education to the students. The institute strives for an overall development of the students’ character and seeks to broaden their social outlook and perspectives.

The institute imparts Management education with a perfect blend comprising of Practical result oriented education as follows:


The Case Study method of teaching has been strongly emphasized. Students work individually and in groups to dissect real life management dilemmas on a wide range of issues. Case studies are an excellent learning tool because there is no single correct solution to complex business problems and the conflicting opinions that emerge, promote enquiry, discovery and tolerance for others view point.


The ability to communicate and convince is an essential skill for a senior manager. Working in small groups to prepare and give presentations, sharpens student’s ability to express ideas clearly and gives valuable experience in defending collective decisions.


Every year MMBGIMS invites a number of eminent persons to talk about some aspects of their career operation and industry experience. These sessions often produce lively discussions and give valuable insights into how you “See things differently from the top”.


MMBGIMS organized International Conference “MIMAMSA” where we had participants from various parts of world. It was a very good exposure for students. We also conducted national conference on ‘CSR’ for which research papers were invited at National Level. The purpose of this conference was to educate students about the implications of terrorism on business and how to prevent any harm from it.


MMBGIMS organizes industrial visits regularly where students get practical exposure to whatever they have learnt in the classroom. Industrial visits have always enhanced the knowledge base of the students. Students visited manufacturing facilities of Reliance, Siemens,Saint-Gobain etc.


MAGMA is the annual inter collegiate management festival of MMBGIMS. Students from all over Mumbai actively participate in various events simulating the business, real life environment. MAGMA is famous for BizzQuiz, Impediment, Ad Mad Show etc.


Our institute organise a number of seminars for overall development of students in order to inculcate leadership and management qualities in students. One such seminar was on Leadership and Management conducted by Mr. Khurshid Alam.

Placement Highlights

Students Placed