Faculty development Programs (FDPs)

FDPs are a regular feature in MMBGIMS. Faculty development programs (FDPs) have proven to be successful for improving teaching skills in higher education. Faculty members need to be prepared adequately in order to deal with the rapid changes and shifting paradigms in business management education. Without training, teaching is often reduced to instructors presenting faculty’s understanding of the subject by one-way lecturing.

The FDPs at MM BGIMS focus on instructional development which emphasized the development of faculty skills involving instructional technology, small group teaching, media, courses, and curriculum design, professional development which emphasized the development of individual faculty members in their professional responsibilities as educators, researchers, and administration, organizational development which emphasized the requirements, and main concerns of the institution, career development which emphasizes faculty preparation for career advancement also personal development which stresses on life planning, interpersonal and communication skills of faculty members.

On Friday, 23rd August 2017, Prof. Dr. Vaidyanathan – Director of Xaviers Institute of Management Studies conducted a FDP on the topic of creativity in teaching. Focus was laid on citations, and gathering data on current affairs. He shared important aspects to be considered while teaching subjects ,faculty has to bring application of subject through live case – studies / innovative techniques so it will make sessions more creative and dynamic and thereby interesting,

On Thursday, 7th Sepetember 2017 Mr. Rajendra Patkar conducted a workshop on what industry expects from MBA. He spoke in details the academic gap between industry and institutions. Mr. Patkar spoke in details industry’s expectations in terms of time management, attitude, hard skills and soft skills and how to prepare the students for final placements.

Both the sessions were very much informative. The discussed areas are of great benefit for the participants as the topics match with the current working domain. Participants were enlightened with the insight into effective teaching . This in turn will help in research activity and placement opportunity. The FDP was ended with a feedback session by the members. In that they have expressed their interest and willingness in arranging more programmes of this kind.