Advanced Excel


Workshop on Advanced Excel was organisaed by MMBGIMS on Saturday, 7th October 2017 by Prof. Sreeram Vijay Maddhury who is well know coorporate expert in the information technology. We all know Excel is essential for any business. When applied effectively it is a powerful tool, allowing you to manipulate huge amounts of data, automate tasks and present complex information however you see fit. We also know how difficult it is to find quality instruction that is:

  • Easy to follow

  • Gets you the results you want

  • Teaches you advanced methods that you can quickly put into practise

The advanced excel workshop conducted at our Institute provided a solid foundation in the basic and intermediate skills for working in Microsoft® Office Excel® 2016 . This training helped students to perform tasks such as running calculations on data and sorting and filtering numeric data. In this workshop helps to extend students knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Excel by automating some common tasks, applying advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, collaborating on worksheets with others, and sharing Excel data with other applications.