International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Semester- II & IV Division: A & B

Programme conducted by MSCW, IIETRN (NGO) & MMBGIMS – Women’s Development Cell

Day & Date: Thursday, 8th March 2018 Time: 9 am onwards

Participants: 145 from SNDT women’s college, 45 from Kala Vidyalaya & 70 from MMBGIMS


Maharashtra State Commision for Women, Indian Institute of Education, Training & Research (NGO) in association with Maratha Mandir’s Babasaheb Gawde Insitute of Management Studies Women Development Cell organised “International Women’s Day”. In morning session, A seminar on “Digital Technology & Women Empowerment” was conducted in which MSCw’s member – Vinda Kirtikar, Maratha Mandir’s Chairman – Mr. Vinayak Ghag, MMBGIMS Director – Dr. Rajendra Patil, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital’s Deputy Dean, Dr. Nirmala Barse, & IIETRN’s members – Dr. Asha Lad, An officer on special duty from Directorate of Technical Education Ministry of Higher & Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra, Prof. Y.I. Shah, Dr. Sanjeevani Gogagale, and Police Inspector – Dr. Rajani Salunkhe were present. The objective of this programme was to spread awareness among participants about women empowerment using digital technology.

MMBGIMS students performed a digital dance highlighting importance of having peace throughout the world instead of war with the help of education. A digital play was also performed showcasing future of technology. Various speakers spoke about powerful women across the ages and how they have influenced the world. Mrs. Alpana Chakraborty, MMBGIMS presented a vote of thanks highlighting importance of MMS course to all students available. She also used this platform to market the courses available with MMBGIMS & why students should choose this Institute for pursuing MMS.

In evening session, Panel discussion was done by Dr. Arun Kshirsagar & Mr. Mahendra Mahagaonkar. Thereafter, Inauguration of digital classroom was done by Mr. Pranit Patil – Nasa Astronaut.

All the participants enjoyed the seminar & it was a learning experience for all of them.