Ice – Breaking

Induction Program 

We at MMBGIMS lay emphasis on a well chalked induction program. We believe that new students need to align with institute’s philosophy and be absorbed into its culture.  They need to understand our values and the behaviors that drive those values. We need to educate students to our institute’s policies on safety, bullying, sexual harassment, and other critical policies. Induction programs help students to adjust and make a smoother transition into the teaching-learning. We recognize the need of sensitizing the students to the industry angle; we therefore even invite industry champions also for few sessions of the induction program.

Our new batch of MMS program was inducted on Wednesday, 1st August 2018.  The induction program was carried on for 10 days. In those eight days the induction program revolved around the fact that industry hires MBAs for their attitude and trains them for the skills. First four sessions concentrated on team building, self discipline, self motivation, listening skills etc. The four days sessions consisted of quizzes, games, group building exercises and book shelf activity in the library was organized.

The main objective of the book shelf activity event was to make students read reference books in management and also make them understand ‘How to write a Book Review’. Students were divided in groups and each group had to choose one book of their choice. They had to read the book and make write a review on the Book.