Shree. Valsangkar Abhay

Over a span of more than ten years, MMBGIMS has made major inroads into the corporate world. This has been accomplished with the help of high quality of students and modern methods of education. I am confident that with the solid backing of a renowned organization such as Maratha Mandir, MMBGIMS will reach newer heights in years to come.

Shree. Batliwala M.B

The Babasaheb Institute of Management Studies (MMBGIMS) is one of the best Institute in Mumbai – And that too at a very central location. Beginning with Master of Management Studies (MMS) course and the MMBGIMS has recently introduced AICTE approved PGDM course. They thus appear to be an Institution which is serious about imparting quality courses in management studies for their students. We hope that this world enable MMBGIMS students to embark upon good careers in their respective areas.

Dr. Nerkar S.C

My interaction with Babasaheb Institute of Management Studies for the last ten years has made me believe that the focus of the institute is on practical on job training , which gives exposure to management students in the working areas of different departments in any organisation. Besides these, a close follow up by the faculty and senior professors from the Institute with organizations where students are placed shows a lot of concern for students and seriousness about the project.