The Library is meant for the students, faculty, and staff. Rules are framed to promote rather than constrain the use of the library resources and services.


Books/CDs shall be issued only to bonafide students, having valid library card.
Not more than two books shall be issued per student for a period of 7 days. CDs will be issued for a period of 2 days only against the student’s valid library card.

Periodicals/Reference books/Project reports will be treated as a reference copy and will be issued against the student’s valid identity card for reading within the library premises.No reference book or periodical shall be taken outside the library premises.

No student is allowed to take more than 1 reference copy in all at a time.


A student shall return the book/CD issued to him/her on or before the due date failing which a fine of Rs. 10/-per day will be levied for the delayed period.
In case reference books/periodicals/project reports issued against a valid identity card are not returned on the same day of issue a fine of Rs. 50/- per day per copy shall be levied. The fine will be calculated till the date of returning the book/CD and the date of payment of fine at the accounts section; whichever is later.

The student will be given back his/her library/identity card only after he/ she pays the requisite fine and shows the receipt of payment of fine duly signed by the accountant.

Students not having returned even one book issued against their name on the due date shall not be eligible to get another book even though he/she has another valid library card.


Books shall be reissued only when physically produced in the library on the due date.

Books overdue even by a day shall be reissued only after the payment of the requisite fine at the accounts section.

A book shall be reissued only if it is not under demand by any other student/faculty/member.

An issued book shall be reissued consecutively only once for a period of not more than 7 days.


Students shall place their demands online by using their own user name to post their demand if the book is already issued.

Once a demand is placed the student shall be informed about the date when he/she should collect the book.

In case the student fails to claim his/her demand on the said date, his/her demand shall be considered null and void.


A student shall inform the library regarding the loss of books/CD in writing within two working days.
Student shall replace the book with the latest available edition published by the same publisher or with the existing edition as early as possible; else pay the prevailing market price of the book as per the library’s record or whichever is more.
In case of loss/damage of CD the contents of the original CD should be recorded on a new CD. In case of unavailability of original CD a blank CD should be given.

Fine will also have to be paid, for the delay caused in replacing the book/CD or till the date unit cost of the book/CD is paid.
The library card shall be returned only after the student replaces the book/CD and/or pays all dues (cost of book and fine).

If a student brings back a book in a damaged condition he/she will have to pay the charges for binding or the entire cost as per the condition of the book.
In case any underlines, markings or scribbling made with coloured pens or pencil is found in the book, it will be treated as damaged and the student will have to pay the cost of the book.


Students should maintain silence in the library.
No students will be allowed to enter the book section.
Smoking, loud conversations, are strictly prohibited in the library.
Listening to walkman/radio/ & use of any form of electronic devices / gadgets, eating in the reading room/talking on the mobile is strictly prohibited.
Only students with valid identity cards will be allowed to sit in the reading room.

No outsiders will be permitted to sit in the library.
Exchange of library cards is strictly prohibited.

Any student found disobeying the rules will not be allowed to appear for the examinations.
Note: Fine is subject to change as per management’s decision.