Ad-Mad and Biz-quiz Competition (MAGMA)-2020

Ad- Mad and Biz-Quiz Competition was organized on 9th March, 2020 from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm.

The Objective of having these events was to give students a platform to showcase their creativity, innovation and to keep them updated with the current business news. These events have helped students to go beyond textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts.

The event began with the DeepPrajwalan and Maratha Mandir Prayer. The Anchors gave a Brief Introduction of the Guest and Felicitated the chief Guest. Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Ulhas Sangekar, President BQ Global, training Institute in BFSI sector.

Students from different colleges like Viva Institute, V.N Bedekar Institute of Management studies, ITM SIA Business School many more had put up teams for these events.

Ad-Mad Competition: Total 12 teams participated in this competition. Team size was 3-5 students. Students were given on the spot topics of different products and the time for preparing the Ad was limited to only 15 minutes. Students came up with out of the box and creative ads.  Students adhered to the rules and prepared ads of 2 minutes followed by Question and Answer round for 2 minutes.

V.N Bedekar Institute of Management Studies won the first prize and Maratha Mandir’s Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management Studies won the second prize.

Biz-Quiz competition: Total 13 teams participated in this competition.  Team size for this event was 2 students. There were 3 rounds in this competition as under:

  1. Qualifying round. (Out of 12 teams only Top 6 teams were Qualified for the next round).
  2. Business News round ( Out of the 06 teams only 3 teams were qualified for the final round)
  3. Final Round was classified into 3 rounds
  4. Biz-Quiz Round
  5. Guess the Logo
  6. Audio- Video Round

Students of Maratha Mandir’s Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management studies won the first and Second Prize. Mr. Ulhas Sangekar shared his feedback with the students and area of improvement. He shared his insights on how to climb up the career ladder and work towards your career goal. All students were given participation certificates. Winners were awarded cash Prize and Certificate of Merit. The event ended with a vote of thanks.