Aarambh – Sem III

Aarambh is an event organized to welcome second year students after their two months long summer internship. MMBGIMS organized Aarambh on Tuesday, 17th July 2018. The objective of the Aarambh is to discuss the exposure students get while doing the summer internship, their experience in terms of topic, approach to handling the problems, work environment, whether enough direction was provided by the boss etc. Aarambh also focuses on the third semester of MMS which is a specialization semester. The initial phase of an MMS program (usually the first year in a two year MBA program) is dedicated towards completion of the core courses. These are designed to build a strong foundation of the basic concepts across the various management subjects. During the latter part of the program, students choose to specialise in a particular area. There are numerous factors that influence student’s decision regarding the area he/she wishes to specialise in. Depending upon the student’s priority, we allow them to choose a field as per the market demand job availability, student’s interest area, preferred job profiles and the compensation package.

Management games and entertainment programs were organized for the students. Director briefed the students about semester III pattern & pedagogy, explained examinations, core papers and specializations papers marking scheme.

Over last couple of years, pedagogy in the management education is changing very fast. Based on the basic theoretical frameworks of management domains, several games were designed, which are focused at the basic and fundamental principles of management. Generally these games are played both individually and in teams. Major objective of these games is to enhance the eye for details, to improve analyzing skills, to enable quick decision making, to make students cooperative and team players, and to give them long lasting impressions of the subjects, which they have learnt inside classrooms.