Make In India-An Entrepreneurship Approach”

Day & Date :Friday, 1st December 2017 Time : 10. 30 am to 12. 15 pm.

Guest session was organised by Entrepreneurship cell for Sem I and III students of MM BGIMS . Mr. Shailendra Goswami, Graduate Engineer from Pune University & PGDM from IIM Bangalore, delivered the session on the topic “Make In India – An Entrepreneurship Approach”. Mr. Shailendra is Chairman and Managing Director of Pushkaraj Engineering Enterprise Pvt.Ltd.

Mr. Shailendra focused on make in India and the opportunities opened for entrepreneurship in India. He gave examples of successful young entrepreneurs in India and also explained various schemes of government that are available for the startups. He shared his experience and also threw light on the various sectors in India that are growing rapidly viz,tourism, automobile, software,processed foods , handicrafts etc

Learning : Students understood Make in India and the its entrepreneurship approach. They got to know growing sectors in India. Qualities expected from an entrepreneur were well understood by the students.