1. ————this billionaire can use part of his wealth to buy all carbon credits required to offset all domestic green house gas emission in India. This is one of the findings of Bloomberg’s Index. A) Laxmi Mittal B) Azim Premji C) Mukesh Ambani D) Shiv Nadar
2. ————–remains the richest person in the world with a net worth of $75 billion, despite being $4.2 billion poorer than a year ago. He has been No. 1 one for 3 years in a row and topped the list 17 out of 22 years. A) Bill Gates B) Zeff Bezos C) Warren Buffet D) Vladimir Putin
3. Just after his resignation as Chief Minister, —————-was back at the helm of affaires of Bihar in July 2017. A) Prema Khandu B) Chandrababu Naidu C) NItish Kumar D) Sarbanda Sonwal
4. ‘Because you’ve earned your wings’ is a punch line of ————-A) Victorinox B) Samsonite C) Carlton D) VIP
5. ———- has been hauled up for violating advertisement norms, because the tins of Lactogen do not have warning regarding Mother’s milk in Hindi and font size was small. A) Nestle B) HUL C) Britannia D) Marico
6. This e-commerce giant made its entry in UAE by acquiring Souq.com. Which company am I talking about? A) Tesco B) Walmart C) Alibaba D) Amazon
7. ‘Unnati’ is a unique credit card targeted at Jan Dhan account holders across India. Which bank has launched it? A) Canara Bank B) State Bank of India C) Punjab National Bank D) Oriental Bank of Commerce
8. Which country has banned metal mining nationwide? A) Germany B) El Salvador C) France D) Ukraine
9. ———-this international hotel chain has taking over properties in UK; it’s an Indian origin hotel chain. Which is it? ITC B) Marriot C) Indian Hotels D) Park Plaza
10. Many analysts in US decided to exclude one company’s results from corporate earnings, because the company skewed the results. Name the company. A) Lenovo B) IBM C) Apple D) HP Inc.
11. Name this Kraft brand that celebrated its 100th anniversary in recent past. A) Nabisco B) LU C) Jacobs D) Oreo
12. ————is the term used for depreciating a company’s intangible assets. A) Amortization B) Salvaging C) Grabbling D) Citation
13. What is known as the cost of living index which represents the goods and services purchased by consumers? A) Annuity B) Mortgage index C) Consumer Price Index D) None of these
14. In which country the income of all the citizens is known openly and this info is available online? A) Japan B) Oman C) UK D) Norway

15. This is only the second occasion that Bank of England has issued a currency note with a woman’s photo on it. Who is the person honored? A) Jane Austen B) Queen Elizabeth one C) Julie Andrews D) Malcom Ara
16. The minimum amount of investment under National Saving Certificate is———–A) Rs.1000 B) Rs.100 C) Rs.500 D) Rs.5000
17. What is the FDI limit in Pension Sector in India? A) 26% B) 51% C) 74% D) 49%
18. ————rate is the rate at which RBI lends to its clients generally against government securities. A) Bank Rate B) CRR rate C) SLR Rate D) Repo Rate
19. —————is the oldest stock exchange in world established in 1602 A) NASDAQ B) Bombay Stock Exchange C) Amsterdam D) Japan
20. —————-countries are currently members of the WTO. A) 222 B) 159 C) 87 D) 123