MMBGIMS conducted a webinar on 11th July 2020 on “Changes in HR Practices Due to COVID Pandemic”. The session was conducted by Mr. N. S. Iyer, a veteran HR professional.
The session shed light on the current challenges that Human Resource teams are facing in the current pandemic crisis. Mr. Iyer emphasized that COVID has come as a coach, who taught us to think through and disrupt our existing working style and thought processes. He highlighted the importance of HR connecting with the employees holistically and understand not only the professional side but also their personal side. He emphasized the need for agility in HR decision making process giving equal importance to the survival of both the employees as well as the organization.
The session helped participants to understand a few HR best practices that several companies follow to support their employees and keep them motivated. Mr Iyer also mentioned that employee engagement is a key method to ensure continued motivation. Employee engagement is not just playing games and having fun, it is more about mastery, meaning and purpose, membership and autonomy.
The session was well attended by students and professionals from corporate and academic sectors.

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Testimonials of Mr. N S Iyer Webinar