Impromptu Speaking

Extempore speaking is the term used for an informal speech. In corporate life business managers need to give an impromptu speech/ presentation. It happens more often than most people would think. We need to express or give our opinions frequently – it can be on road, railway station, park anywhere. The words we speak are chosen at the point of delivery and they flow back and forth, with communication being two-way, three-way or four-way. It is all done without any preparation.

The key to extempore speaking is that the words spoken are chosen as we speak them, we speak what comes to our mind, at the spur of moment and what is delivered is a stream of perception that is fluent and articulate. And, this is unscripted. Effective extempore speaking always has the purpose of the presentation and the impact on the audience at its heart. It is important to speak to the purpose and to consider carefully what effect you want to have on your audience.

On Thursday, 16th November 2017, we had a session on impromptu speaking; abstract verbs and nouns were put on chits. One by one, each student picked up a chit and spoke on the topic put on the chit. The session was full of fun and excitement. Students cheered and encouraged each other to speak. A streak of entertainment is necessary in education. At MMBGIMS we make learning a pleasant experience.