Good beginning makes good ending

Induction Program 

We at MMBGIMS lay emphasis on a well chalked induction program. We believe that new students need to align with institute’s philosophy and be absorbed into its culture.  They need to understand our values and the behaviors that drive those values. We need to educate students to our institute’s policies on safety, bullying, sexual harassment, and other critical policies. Induction programs help students to adjust and make a smoother transition into the teaching-learning. We recognize the need of sensitizing the students to the industry angle; we therefore even invite industry champions also for few sessions of the induction program.

Our new batch of MMS program was inducted on Tuesday, 8th August 2017.  The induction program was carried on for 8 days. In those eight days the induction program revolved around the fact that industry hires MBAs for their attitude and trains them for the skills. First four sessions concentrated on team building, self discipline, self motivation, listening skills etc. The four days sessions consisted of quizzes, games, group building exercises and book shelf activity in the library was organized.

The main objective of the book shelf activity event was to make students read reference books in management and also make them understand ‘How to write a Book Review’. Students were divided in groups and each group had to choose one book of their choice. They had to read the book and make write a review on the Book.

The 2nd week of induction began with guest speakers from industry and academia. Sessions were conducted on following topics:

Importance of negotiation skills for success in life: The speaker Prof. Shannon Roque – motivator and groomer covered aspects such as importance of communication skills, listening skills, rapport building, how to reduce misunderstanding for success in personal life and professional life. In business, negotiation skills are important in both informal day-to-day interactions and formal transactions such as negotiating conditions of sale, lease, service delivery, and other legal contracts. Good negotiations contribute significantly to business success, because they help one to build better relationships.

What are the skills of communication: The speaker of this session Prof. Lalita Paranjape – renowned professor of English communication highlighted importance of being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills. Communication is the process by which we exchange information between individuals or groups of people. It is a process where we try as clearly and accurately as we can, to convey our thoughts, intentions and objectives.  Communication is the heart of every organization. Everything you do in the workplace results from communication. Therefore good reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are essential qualities to achieve goals.


Self assessment is important in achieving career goals: Ms. Semira Lall – an Image Consultant by profession conducted the session with the tool of Johari Window. She made the students aware of how ambiguity in thoughts and actions leads to relationship failures. To enhance our relationships with others we need to self awareness first. To become more effective and productive we need to be aware of our own thoughts and feelings. The Johari Window is a useful tool for helping individuals build self-awareness and gain an understanding of how others perceive them. When people work with others on a regular basis, the Johari Window is particularly good for helping one build his/her awareness and relationships with those in the group.

What industry expects from MBAs: The speaker of the session Dr. Randhir Singh Lamba – General Manager, GVK infrastructure informed the students that industry hires MBAs for their attitudes and trains them for skills. It’s easier to train aptitude than attitude. When people have the right attitude they are both motivated and adaptable which makes them more open to learning new skills. With the right attitude and enough effort most new skills can be mastered quickly. He told the students that ninety per cent of their success in life will be determined by their attitude, and only ten per cent by their aptitude. So it stands to reason that if we find ways to positively manage, develop and improve our attitude, then its ninety percent easier to achieve success in life.

The induction program was chalked minutely by the faculty and staff of the institute. The students thoroughly enjoyed all activities and guest speaker’s sessions. Each session was thought provoking; they made a positive impact on the students. The adage ‘good beginning makes good ending’ holds true for most of the times. The induction program set the ball rolling for the academic session from Monday, 21st August 2017.