(1) Only one form shall be submitted by a candidate.
    (2) Form should be filled in CAPITAL letters only.
    (3) In case of overwriting, the form may be rejected.
    (4) Please fill in the application form completely and correctly.
    (5) Please  appropriate box, wherever provided.
    (6) Please submit the application to the competent admission authority on or before the last date of submission.


    Sir Name

    First Name

    Father's Name

    Mother's Name

    Sub-Caste, if any

    If Reserved Category


    Mother tongue


    1.Father Information

    Father’s Name




    2.Mother Information

    Mother’s Name




    3.Spouse Information

    Spouse’s Name




    4. Name of Brother/s & Sister/s if any

    GUARDIAN’S INFORMATION: (Only if candidate not staying with parent)

    Name of the Local guardian

    Relationship with the guardian





    We offer only Below mentioned specialisations

    BANK ACCOUNT FOR E-TRANSFER: (for repayment like deposit etc., if any)

    Name of the Account Holder:

    Name of the Bank & Branch:

    Bank A/c No:

    IFSC No:

    (Attach Photocopy of cancelled Cheque)

    REFERENCES (Give Two (2) references (Not in Relation))


    1. The information furnished by me / my ward in this application is true to the best of my / our knowledge and belief.
    2. I / we declare that I / my ward shall abide by all rules and Code of Conduct of the institute which I / we have read and understood. Specially I / we declare that the rule of attire that the male students should not wear lehenga, zabba and / or any kind of cap and female students should not wear burqa any time in the institutional campus will be strictly followed by me / my ward. I / we also declare that I / my ward will abide by instructions, rules etc. of the competent authority (University of Mumbai, DTE and / or other authorities) and also Laws in force from time to time.
    3. I / we hereby undertake that I / my ward shall pursue the studies and shall not do anything inside or outside the institute, which may result in disciplinary action against me / my ward.
    4. I / we hereby solemnly declare that I / my ward have read all the Rules of admission to the Institute and after fully understanding the same, I / we have filled in this application.
    5. I / we declare that I / my ward have not been debarred from studying in any school or college or appearing in any examination during the period of my / my ward’s studies.
    6. I / we fully understand that no other document than those required will be entertained for priority for admission.
    7. I / we fully understand that the Principal / Director, of the institute or the competent authority will have full liberty to expel me from the institute for any infringement of the rules of conduct and discipline and the undertaking given above. So also if I / my ward practice /s any unfair means during examination.
    8. I / we understand that if the admission being given to me / my ward is on my / my ward’s claim of reservation, the same shall be provisional and the same will be cancelled if the said claim is rejected by any Competent Authority / Director of Social Welfare Maharashtra State, Pune or found to be false. Creamy Layer certificate, if applicable, shall be produced within seven days of admission.
    9. I/we accept that the fees levied for MMS are interim fees approved by Shikshan Shulka Samiti (S.S.S.) and are ready to pay the difference in fees finally approved by the S.S.S.
    10. I / we fully understand that fees once paid will not be refunded.
    11. I / we hereby undertake to pay fee for the entire course if I / my ward leave/s the course midstream.
    12. I / we fully understand that the admission to the course will be made depending on my / my ward’s inter-se-merit and availability of a seat at the time of scrutiny of my / my ward’s application when I / my ward is called for a seat.
    13. I / we undertake to bind myself / ourselves to pay within due date such fees, charges and the dues as levied by authorities from time to time.
    14. I/my ward hereby agree to observe rules relating to library, IT Centre, I-card, Dress Code and Code of Conduct.
    15. I / we shall take care that I / my ward behave/s properly and do / does nothing except in the interest of studies.
    16. I/my ward am/is aware that the institute organizes guest lectures, industrial visits and other activities for students. I/my ward undertake to participate in such events organised by the institute. I/my ward undertake to abide by instructions given by the faculty in-charges of the activity and I / my ward will not hold the institute responsible for any kind of accident/untoward incident that may cause any harm/injury/loss to me/my ward.
    17. I / we undertake to notify any change in the above given information to the institute within 7 days of such change in writing.
    - 6 -
    18. I/my ward am/is fully aware that all disputes will be subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
    19. I/we accept that I/we will have to strictly abide by the dress code as prescribed by the institute while on the premises of the institute and/or representing the institute outside.
    20. I/we understand and accept that I/we will not be entitled to any sort of scholarship/freeship, if the same is not granted by the concerned Authorities including scholarship/freeship awarded to SC/ST/DT/NT/OBC/SBC candidates by Social Welfare Department of Government of Maharashtra.
    21. I /we understand & agree that the deposit will be refunded at the time of leaving institute after completion of programme successfully after deducting Alumni Association fee, common breakage & other dues etc.
    22. I will not indulge in any behaviour or act that may be constituted as ragging & will not participate in or abet or propagate through any act of commission or omission that may be constituted as ragging under clause 3 of AICTE regulations.
    23. I/we am/are fully aware of the panel or administrative action that is liable to be taken against me in case I am found guilty of or abetting ragging actively or passively or being part of a conspiracy to promote ragging.
    Note : No candidate will be admitted to any Semester / Year Examination unless he keeps terms for that Semester / Year at an Institute and unless he is certified by the Principal / Director that he has :
    a) Put in satisfactory minimum attendance of 75% of total period as prescribed in the syllabus, separately in each and every subject of semester / year.
    b) Satisfactorily completed the specified projects, assignment, practical etc. prescribed in the syllabus / given by the faculty for the semester / year.
    c) Satisfactory progress in his studies and is of good conduct and character.
    d) Not been debarred from appearing for examination, by any government, competent authority or statutory examining authority in India.
    e) Ragging is strictly prohibited.
    f) Chewing Tobacco / Smoking Cigarette in institute premises is Prohibited

    Signature of Candidate:


    Parent’s / Guardian’s/Spouse Signature:

    Name of the Parent /Guardian/Spouse:

    Relation with the candidate:


    (For Fresh admission only)

    1) Allotment letter or printout from website: YesNo


    3) SSC Marksheet & Certificate: YesNo

    4) Allotment letter or printout from website: YesNo

    5) HSC Mark sheet & Certificate: YesNo

    6) Graduation Marksheet (all years for other than Mumbai University): YesNo

    7) Graduation Certificate: YesNo

    8) Transfer Certificate from previous college: YesNo

    9) School/College Leaving Certificate: YesNo

    10) Indian Nationality Certificate: YesNo

    11) Provisional Eligibility Certificate: YesNo

    12) Migration Certificate: YesNo

    13) Domicile certificate: YesNo

    14) Caste Certificate: YesNo

    15) Non-Creamy Layer Certificate: YesNo

    16) Caste Validity Certificate : YesNo

    17) Proof of Date of Birth: YesNo

    18) Undertaking for Anti Ragging : YesNo

    19) Aadhaar Card: YesNo


    Download Medical Certificate form and uploadDownload

    Upload Medical Fitness Form:


    1.What are your hobbies?

    2.Have you received any formal training in any of the following? (Please √) Musical InstrumentSingingDanceFine ArtsComparingAny other

    3.Have you any time worked with any NGO/ voluntary organisation? YesNo

    4.Have you participated in extracurricular activities in your school / college? YesNo

    5.Have you participated in any committees in your school/college? YesNo

    6.Have you participated in any interschool/collegiate event/s? YesNo

    7.Any Other Information you feel necessary: YesNo