A webinar was conducted on 4th July at 11 am by Ms. Nilufer Mistry on ‘Depression Rising among Millennials – A Concern and Solutions to Fight’.

The session was conducted in view of the steady rise in depression and similar issues in individuals due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Mistry emphasized on the importance of focusing on future prospects, rather than the current situation. She provided tips to the participants to be ready personally and professionally, once the lockdown ceased to exist. She asked the participants to gain additional knowledge and upgrade them so as to face the extreme competition post lockdown. She suggested that, staying positive in such situations was to accept it and control one’s negativity by indulging in physical activities or through meditation.

She also asked the participants, especially the ones working from home, to be more tolerant to the presence family members in their work space and not expect them to adjust beyond what they actually could.

Lastly, Ms. Mistry, implored all participants to seek professional help without any hesitation and to be open to such treatment measures.

The webinar was attended by close to 80 participants comprising of students, academicians and professionals from the corporate.

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Testimonials of Ms. Nilufer Mistry Webinar