Weekly Quiz

One of the best tools for measuring the efficacy is quizzes. There is no elaborate definition of quiz; but, it helps a teacher in gathering information whether learning objectives are met or not. Quizzes help students individually to increase their knowledge they may already know on a certain topic. They also help them to know whether certain topic is helpful in the future.  A quiz can be effectively be used from KG to PG at all levels of learning.


We at MMBGIMS conduct weekly quiz for our MMS program students. We conduct the quizzing competition to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts. Quizzes are tools of teaching and learning designed to promote, a fun way to study and in the process help improve one’s general knowledge. Today’s generation has switched to mobile devices and smart apps, despite the leading-edge technology available news paper stands out. Quiz helps us to make students understand importance of reading.


Before using a quiz, we determine what objectives need to be met. The primary function of the quiz is to evaluate student learning in relation to the instructional methods. Our quizzes are developed around content-related questions. At MMBGIMS, Quizzes are conducted every week which cover current affairs, sector wise analysis, government policies, bilateral trade, economics, finance, marketing, HR, operations, IT, banking & finance and many more issues. This helps students for their interviews, Group discussions. Updated students stands out in the crowd and thus this feature assists for the overall development of the students.