Guest session was organised by HR and General Management Department on 3rd August 2018 , Friday for Sem I students of MM BGIMS. Dr. Suhas Rao delivered the session on the topic “Achieving Personal and Professional Excellence at Workplace”.

Dr. Suhas Rao focused on Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in any job. It involves trying to put quality into everything you do, and this attitude tends to separate the achievers, who make rapid strides in their career from others. He explain with example how emotional maturity is an expected trait in the workplace, especially when excellence is expected at work. To be mature at work is a way of bringing excellence in the workplace. To be mature means you are very self-aware of the how you feel about yourself. He discussed various skills students needs to posses to become successful through games and video clips .

Learning : Students understood the key principles of personal excellence.

Feedback: Students were happy that their queries were resolved satisfactorily. They expressed their gratitude towards Institute for introducing them to a eminent speaker like Dr. Suhas Rao.